Anu Varshneya


Anu Varshneya studied Bharatnatyam for three years in Kala Vandana, under Guru Sundara Swaminathan in Fremont, when she was merely five years old. Soon after, she began learning Bollywood, with Mona Khan, as one of her earliest students, and has been studying Jazz since 2009.


She believes that dance is a great way to have fun while simultaneously enhancing imagination, creativity, and self-esteem. It allows you to stay healthy and get in shape, all while having a blast! Dancing is the perfect way to de-stress, re-energize and unwind after a long day. It enables you to express yourself, and is a great way to get rid of stage fright!


She was part of the Junior Performing Company with Naach for several years and is now part of the Principal Emerging Performers Program in the Mona Khan Company. She is also the captain of her high school Bhangra Team.


She has been teaching since 2010, and has been an assistant dance instructor with the Mona Khan Company, as well as a dance captain, during summer camps. She ventured into teaching dance because, she wants everyone to be able to experience the joy she feels from being on stage, and performing her heart out.


Outside the studio, she can be found studying hard as a sophomore in high school. She loves art, especially photography, and can be found taking pictures of everything that shows up in her camera lens, every free second she has!