Your child can have an unforgettable summer! We offer dance camps during which children get to explore disciplined movement and improve motor skills while expressing themselves through dance in a positive and healthy environment. The usage of props, costumes and other creative exercises will awaken their imaginations!

Our instructors are highly trained with extensive dance instruction and performance backgrounds and possess exceptional abilities to work with children to bring out their best! We provide a safe environment with adult supervision at all times by professional staff.


Camps are offered in Milpitas, CA.

2018 Camps

Summer Camps:
June 11 – 15 June 18 – 22
July 9 – 13 July 16 – 20 July 23 – 27


We have an awesome Summer Camp Counselor Program for high schoolers (including those starting Grade 9 in Fall 2018). Apply by May 7.

A Happy + Healthy Summer

Weekly Themes

Each week of camp has an awesome theme! We create song medleys and choreography, choose guest choreographers and vocal coaches specific to the theme. Camp weeks culminate in an in-studio presentation at the end of the week that showcases what the children have learned.

June 10 – June 14/July 22 – July 26: Legends of Bollywood
Learn about the stars who are an intrinsic part of Bollywood & make the industry what it is! We will explore different dance styles, specific to the songs & movements of these personalities. Besides dance, we will also have yoga, art and fun activities to make this an exciting & engaging week. An in-studio presentation at the end of the week will allow the children to showcase what they learn. The camp also includes a free t-shirt for your child.

June 17 – June 21: Fully Filmy
Embracing the quintessential Bollywood, this camp allows the children to immerse in dance, music, art and yoga. With attention to details, at the same time creating a fun and supportive environment conducive to learning, this is your chance to immerse yourself in the best of Bollywood. Prop making, games and other fun activities will make this a memorable experience, culminating in an in-studio presentation at the end of the week. The camp also includes a free t-shirt for your child.

June 24 – June 28/July 15 – July 19: Bollywood Hip Hop
Calling all Hip Hop enthusiasts to explore the collision of your favorite dance style with Bollywood music! Learn the basics of Hip Hop and enhance your existing skills working with our seasoned instructors and dynamic Bay Area guest instructors. There will be an in-depth exposure to various elements of Hip Hop such as tutting, locking and popping and the house style of dance, as well as their history and development. Combined with yoga, art and other fun surprises, this camp is not to be missed! We will have an in-studio presentation at the end of the week. The camp also includes a free t-shirt for your child.

July 8 – July 12: Bollywood Redefined
Here is your chance to experience how we do Bollywood at MKC! Keeping the essence of Bollywood but adding the elements that make it new, exciting & current. Fusing different dance styles like Jazz, Contemporary and Latin with traditional Bollywood moves, we bring together the best of the East and the West. This camp also includes yoga and art activities. A fun week filled with games, learning, new friendships and culminating in an in-studio presentation that showcases what the kids learned during the week. The camp also includes a free t-shirt for your child.

Age Groups

Camps are for children ages 5-10 years old. Children spend a small part of the day together in a big group, and most of the day is spent divided into two groups – a group of younger children, and a group of older children. This allows us to tailor activities in a way that is age appropriate. 


Our camps are an immersive experience centered mostly around dance, music, art and yoga. Each day, children spend approximately 2 hours dancing (spread out through the day). The rest of the day is spent doing art, yoga, and of course playing and eating!


A morning snack is provided to all children at no additional cost. A hot lunch is offered for an additional fee. Children can also bring lunch from home (these lunches cannot be heated on site before serving).

An afternoon snack is provided for children enrolled in extended care, at no additional cost.

Sample Menu

Food Allergies: Snacks are nut and egg free. However, we cannot guarantee a food allergen-free environment as children are allowed to bring snacks and lunch from home. We have several safety checks in place to ensure children with allergies are kept safe. Our team is trained to administer emergency medication (e.g. EpiPen). We work with each child’s parents to understand reactions, severity, and other details about a child’s allergy before the camp so we are fully prepared to ensure the safety of each child. Please contact us if you would like additional details about how we handle food allergies.

Extended Care

Extended care is offered from 3pm-6pm on Monday-Thursday, and 3pm-4pm on Friday. Late pick up is charged at $5/minute. 
We have a teacher from an elementary school in the Fremont Unified School District who leads our Extended Care Program. We have plenty of group and individual activities for the children! This is a screen-free Extended Care Program. We also include a visit to the park across the street each day. When children are at the park, they wear a yellow safety vest so we can identify them quickly and easily, and we have a number of other safety checks in place while we are offsite.


We understand and respect the importance of being in touch when it comes to your child’s care. Here are some of the ways we achieve this:

  • Prior to camp week, information is sent to parents about preparing for camp week
  • Parents of children with allergies are contacted and details are exchanged about the needs of each child individually
  • Parents are given a cell phone number to call if there is a need to reach camp staff; someone will pick up your call and talk to you
  • We also monitor email during the day, and our response time is usually within a few hours
  • For those children who may need some extra help adjusting to camp – we proactively collaborate with parents so we can achieve this transition
  • Extended Care: We send real-time messages about our departure time to the park, as well as our arrival time back at the studio so that parents can plan their pickups accordingly


The safety and health of children are of utmost importance to us. Here are some of the ways in which we ensure that our camps are a safe place for children:

  • Ratios: We have a 1:5 ratio of staff to children
  • Digital Check In / Check Out: Our check in and check out process leverages technology and private access codes for parents
  • Multiple Roster Checks: We account for each child several times during the day
  • Parents are given a cell phone number to call if there is a need to reach camp staff; someone will pick up your call and talk to you
  • Emergency Preparedness: Prior to camp week, parents receive information about meeting points in case of an emergency
  • Food Allergies: We have a tightly controlled and communicated process about children with food allergies
  • Extended Care: The program is run by a Fremont Unified School District elementary school teacher who brings a high level of quality care to our camps! Also, children wear yellow safety vests so we can identify them easily and efficiently when we are offsite at a daily visit to the park across the street


The on-site camp team consists of Mona Sampath Khan and Amrita Shastri, as well as an Assistant Camp Manager, a group of seasoned dance instructors and a team of high school camp counselors. Our instructors have extensive experience teaching children in dance class and dance camps settings. With over a decade of summer camp experience, the team has handled sold-out camps with over fifty kids, dancing with them throughout the week and gearing them up for the end-of-week presentation – all while making sure the kids have the time of their lives in a fun, supportive and safe environment.

We also collaborate with renowned vocal coaches and established Bay Area choreographers like Anna Gonzalez and Lauren Benjamin, who specialize in various dance genres. Art and yoga are conducted by teachers with expertise in these areas of learning and teaching. These incredible teachers bring a whole new dimension to the camps and lend their broad range of expertise to making the dance camps cutting-edge and truly unforgettable.


Enroll Early


Enroll by February 28

Additional Discounts

  • Multi-week discount: $295 per week
  • Sibling discount: $295 per child, per week
  • Siblings in multiple weeks of camp: $285 per child, per week

Regular Rate


March 1 Onwards


  • Multi-week discount: $325 per week
  • Sibling discount: $325 per child, per week
  • Siblings in multiple weeks of camp: $315 per child, per week

Request Additional Discounts

Add Ons

$45 / $95

Lunch / Extended Care


Extended Care:

  • Until 6pm Monday-Thursday
  • Until 4pm on Friday

My child loved the camp and so did we! Your snack options were great and the staff was very friendly! My kid didn't want to leave the camp in the evenings!

Madhavi D.

Great job Team! Pinakin loved it and I'm hoping the interest in dance you guys kindled in him will become his passion. Thanks for taking awesome care of him!

My daughter and I have been MKC students for the past couple of years. The quality we have seen with the classes and shows continues with the summer camps also. I am very pleased to see the dedication on part of the staff and teachers to make the whole camp experience a lot of fun as well as a great learning experience for kids.