Together We Dance

Dance, Connect and Learn Together:
A Private Dance Workshop!

Group Size: Up to 15 people

Age: Teens and adults

Price: $75

Duration: 60 minutes

These are incredible rough times. Amongst the human and economic crisis unfolding around us, there is also so much to miss about our lives. Deeply important parts of who we are, and what makes us happy. Friends and family. We totally get it.

Want want to bring you into connection with people who matter, and we hope to provide your circle of special people a little joy in these challenging times: a private dance workshop to get you moving and learning together! Our team will help you pick songs and dance styles, and we’ll make sure you and your friends have some beautiful memories together.

How It Works:
Sign up for the private workshop and our event team will reach out to you via email in 48 hours (Monday-Friday). We will personally coordinate all workshop details with you! It’s going to be awesome.