We believe dance speaks a universal language that can be understood by everyone. Dance is creative, collaborative, powerful, healthy, energizing, expressive, entertaining and of course, fun! Sharing and spreading the love of dance is our life’s work.

It’s the only way to be

What We Stand For.

We embrace and celebrate people of any race, creed, color, ethnicity, national origin, religion, gender identity and sexual orientation.

As a company, we are deeply collaborative. Our work stems from a place of authenticity, connection and the desire to create beautiful moments through dance. Elevating life with the sheer joy of dancing is what pushes our creativity beyond boundaries.

We are driven to use the power of movement and the performing arts to engage with and explore social issues that face humanity today.

Established In 2009

Roots Run Deep.

It all started with a cup of chai

Like many companies in the Silicon Valley, the Mona Khan Company (previously known as the Mona Sampath Dance Company) was founded in friends’ apartments, accompanied by too-many-to-count cups of chai and coffee. We were inspired and determined to infuse the insanely fun Bollywood culture into shows, classes and eventually, a fitness program (Bombay Jam®). The company rapidly grew from a handful of people on staff to a current crew of more than 25 full time and part time people. In 2009, we launched our class schedule with 30 classes. Today, we run over 115 classes a week and have over 150 shows in our performance repertoire. We produce the Bay Area’s largest Bollywood resident show twice a year, and it has evolved to be one of the biggest platforms for Bollywood dance in North America.

The team is the company’s secret sauce. We are an organization run by minority, immigrant women and we are breaking all kinds of glass ceilings. We’re a group of fiercely loyal friends and colleagues who are having a little too much fun working, and doing what we absolutely love.

The Team