‘KAMARIYA’ with Swarali

July 21 + 22

An empowering Bollywood dance workshop that features two unique styles ‘BollyHEELS’ and ‘BollyITEMS’.The focus of the workshop is to empower participants and elevate their self-esteem through the power of movement. In this two-hour workshop each individual will participate in group interaction, isolated movements, technique improvement, cultural understanding, and learn a fun choreography!

BollyHEELS: Swarali developed this style from her training in Indian Classical, Jazz and her experience of working in the Bollywood industry for over 8 years. She creates a fresh outlook on Bollywood classics, but on heels!

BollyITEMS: Bollywood item numbers are all about drama, grace, confidence, and sensuality. Swarali developed a style that incorporates the biggest songs from Indian cinema and makes all her students feel like the lead dancer!

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Age Group: 16 and up | Price: $25 | Duration: 2 hours

A vast array of styles and themes are covered in our fabulous, single session dance workshops! These workshops are perfect if you want to experience a new style, or if you can’t join us in the studio on an ongoing basis for our quarterly dance classes. Tailored for youth, teens and adults, our workshops are taught by some of our best choreographers and dancers!

Quick explorations of exciting styles
All levels welcome.
No prior experience required.
Youth (7-12)
Teens + Adults (13+)
Classes are 90 minutes long
Offered at various times throughout the year
No ongoing commitment


  • Cupertino, CA
  • Milpitas, CA
  • Pleasanton, CA
  • San Francisco, CA

Styles + Themes

  • Bollywood Afro Jazz
  • Bollywood Belly Dance
  • Bollywood Bhangra Hip Hop
  • Bollywood Contemporary
  • Bollywood Fully Filmy
  • Bollywood Heels
  • Bollywood Hip Hop
  • Bollywood Jazz
  • Bollywood Kathak
  • Garba
  • Indian Contemporary
  • Mumbai Street Dance

Specialty Workshops:

We frequently host workshops with celebrity guest choreographers like Kumari Suraj and Karishma Chavan which we open up to our student community.


$20 – $30 per class