Corporate Workshops

Dance, Connect and Learn Together:
A Private Dance Workshop!

Group Size: Up to 50 people

Duration: 60 or 90 minutes

Price: $150-$200

Book 60 Minutes
Book 90 Minutes

A fully customized team bonding and feel-good experience all around! 60-90 minutes of moving and learning together, shared laughter and shaking off those feelings of stagnation. Our team will quickly help you design your virtual workshop with activity options like follow-along Bollywood dance, a choreography dance lesson, live DJ house party or a relaxing Yoga-based restorative full-body stretch.

How It Works:
Sign up for the private workshop and our event team will reach out to you via email in 48 hours (Monday-Friday). We will personally coordinate all workshop details with you! It’s going to be awesome. Questions? Email us.