Discounts for Quarterly Dance Classes

New Students

If the enrolling student has never taken a dance class at the Mona Khan Company before, the student is eligible to enroll at the new student rate.

Promotion codes to enroll as a new student are available on our Facebook page!

Please note that our registration team will cancel and refund a student’s registration fees if our system reflects any previous enrollment by that student in a Mona Khan Company dance class.


Family Discount

We are pleased to offer discounts to families of four or more who are enrolled in our classes!

4+ Enrolled Family Members: $20 discount per member

Three Easy Steps:

  1. Enroll at the discounted rate
  2. Submit age proof for any children you in your family
  3. Submit a request to get a refund here. All requests for the refund must be submitted by April 23rd

Upon verification, a refund will be issued within 4-6 weeks after classes start.

Please keep in mind the following:

    • A Family Is Defined As: Immediate family consisting of two parents and their children. Each family account in our registration system, Mindbody , can consist of the account holder (login credentials associated with this person), a spouse, and the children. Mindbody allows for each relationship to be labeled – we recommend you do this in your account to avoid delays in getting the discount
    • Proof: Spousal relationship proof is not required. For all children in the account, birth certificate proof showing the parents’ name and the child name must be submitted
    • Expiration: The family discount expires the same day as the other discounts offered (January 5th at midnight) – all members of the family must be enrolled by this date to be counted as part of the family
    • Combination With Other Discounts: The family discount can be combined with the continuing student discounted rate. If a member of your family is eligible for the new student discount, they can be counted as a part of the family, so that the rest of the family members can get the discount! The new student will not receive the family discount

Multi-Class Discount

If you register before the discounted rate ends (Thursday, April 5th), the first class will be charged at the discounted rate of $215 (Basic and Intermediate levels) and $235 (Advanced and Master levels). The second class will be charged at a discounted rate of $165.

If you register after the discounted rate ends (after Thursday, April 5th), the first class will be charged at the regular rate of $245 (Basic and Intermediate Levels) and $265 (Advanced and Master Levels). The second class will be charged at a discounted rate of $165.

Please email to request this discount.

Multiple class discounts are applicable only to quarterly dance classes.