Discounts for Quarterly Dance Classes

New Students

If the enrolling student has never taken a dance class at the Mona Khan Company before, the student is eligible to enroll at the new student rate.

Use the promo code “springtime!” at checkout during registration. For Bacha party classes, use the promo code “springtimeBP!”.

Please note that our registration team will cancel and refund a student’s registration fees if our system reflects any previous enrollment by that student in a Mona Khan Company dance class.


Multi-Class Discount

If a student is enrolled in 2 or more quarterly dance/style & technique classes in a quarter, the student is eligible for a discount on the lower priced class(es).

The second and subsequent classes will be billed at $200 (Quarterly Dance Class) and $145 (Style & Technique Class) respectively.

Students enrolled in the EP program are eligible for the above discount on any quarterly dance/style & technique class enrollment.

The same student must be enrolled in each of the classes to be eligible for the multi-class discount.

Please email to request this discount.

The multi-class discount does not apply to ITC.