This prestigious program is uniquely designed to offer intensive training and performance preparation, as well as performance opportunities to students. The Emerging Performers are hand selected by the company from the Intensive Training Class (ITC) – Youth and Teens/Adults Intermediate.

We have three Emerging Performers classes:

  1. Youth Emerging Performers (YEP)
  2. Junior Emerging Performers (JEP)
  3. Principal Emerging Performers (PEP)

They train with senior instructors and company choreographers. They also get to work closely with guest teachers and prominent choreographers in the industry. They are exposed to a vast array of dance styles – Hip Hop, Jazz, Contemporary, Indian Folk, Indian Fusion, Bollywood, Latin and Afro-inspired, to name just a few. They are featured twice a year at America’s Got Bollywood, and are also provided performance opportunities at external shows.

The Emerging Performers are staged in dance pieces that are very technical and demanding. The pieces have elaborate themes, so the usage of props and intricate costuming are integral aspects of their performances.

This dance program is a cutting-edge approach to developing highly trained and well-rounded performers and dancers. On stage and backstage ethics are also an intrinsic part of the program’s culture.

The Intensive Training Class (ITC) serves to bridge the gap between the Master Class and the Emerging Performers Program. This class provides technical training in Jazz, Contemporary, Hip Hop and Bollywood and works on overall alignment, strength, flexibility and versatility. Students have the opportunity to work with senior instructors of the Mona Khan Company and take their dancing to the next level, with the goal of preparing to join the Emerging Performers program. The ITC program is not performance based. Students who enroll for this program must also enroll for a Master level quarterly dance class. They get the exposure and training to perform in their regular class, while their technical skills are fine-tuned through the ITC.

We have two age groups:

  1. Youth (ages 8-12)
  2. Teens and Adults (ages 13+)
    1. Teens and Adults Basic
    2. Teens and Adults Intermediate

When students of the program are deemed ready to join the Emerging Performers, an instructor will advise the student on next steps.